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The Farm - Emily McKay I wanted to really, really like this...I only kind of did. This book had a lot of potential but there were just some things throughout that took away from me really loving it.We find out that the world has changed and now populated by Ticks. These are genetically altered people that eat teenagers hearts. The Farm is where all teenagers were sent by families (mandated by the government) to protect the population. Unfortunately, they appear to be run by some corrupt people and once someone hits the age of 18, they tend to vanish. At the same time, the population of The Farm are "donating" their blood every few days....ok - I'm on board with this.Lily and Mel are twins who have been at The Farm for 6 months. Mel is autistic and Lily has been taking care of them and working on a plan to escape The Farm before they turn 18. Right around this time, Carter shows up. He is someone Lily and Mel knew from Before and we come to find out he has a reason he has been looking for Lily. He believes she is an abductura (someone who can control emotions) and along with the rebel group he is with, they think Lily will save everyone. I'm still fully on board with this which is why I was thinking I would love this.The things that took away from the book for me were the characters - I didn't really love them. I was back and forth on my feelings for Lily - she did some annoying things but then she would do something that would make me like her. Carter - I get that he was supposed to be the "bad boy" in high school and although I did like him, the fact that he told Lily that he knew what she was because he didn't want to fall for her but did (in high school) just makes me think he clearly didn't use his brain all the time...I mean what girl wants to be told "hey - I love you but I don't want to love you" (I'm totally paraphrasing here).There were some minor editing issues throughout the book and the point of view changes were fine - it just felt odd to be in first person for Lily's chapters and move to third person for Carter's.The end was interesting and I won't give anything away. I will most likely continue to read the series as I am curious enough to want to see what happens.