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The Burning Sky - All 5 stars for this!The Burning Sky is one of the reasons I love fantasy. This book brings together wonderful characters, an interesting story and a world that can only exist in a great book. If you enjoy any of those things, get this book as soon as you can as Thomas does a wonderful job of building this world with magic, dragons, and fairy tales. Also, that cover is PERFECT!Iolanthe is an elemental mage and grew up believing she could control 3 of the 4 elements – Fire, earth, and water. An experiment (of sorts) to attempt to fix a batch of elixir reveals her ability to call forth lightning. It just happens that this is the sign that Prince Titus was waiting for as it proves the prophecy he has been waiting for has come true. The Bane is the greatest mage tyrant and the second Iolanthe released the lightning bolt, he and his Inquisitor were hunting her down for her power. According to the prophecy it is up to Iolanthe to face the Bane and defeat him. With the protection and assistance of Prince Titus, she just might have a chance. I loved the characters in this book. Iolanthe is tough, loyal, determined and smart. She doesn't just sit back and hope someone will save her even though that is what she would like to do. She is only sixteen and has never been prepared for the situation she is suddenly thrown into but she adapts quickly. She plays her role well and even impresses Titus with what she can do – not just as a mage but with who she is as well as with how well she does. I’m hoping in the next book we get to learn more about her real background and family. Prince Titus is the opposite – he has been preparing for this his whole life and when the time comes, he is going to be ready for whatever will happen. Titus is definitely one of those characters that has some layers. He knows he can never let people know him for who he really is and repeatedly tells Iolanthe that people like them can’t have friends. He really believes this and does his best to keep Iolanthe at arm’s length and when he has succeeded, he realizes just how much it hurts. Another thing about Titus – he may be a bit manipulative and condescending (depending on the crowd) but that boy can deliver some swoons. I’ll just leave one of my favorite lines right here:“I live for you and you alone.”The fact that he will deliver that line and then turn around and deliver a line like “I play Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood. She likes it rough, did you know? I did not.” only makes him that much better in my opinion.I loved the build of the relationship between Titus and Iolanthe. Don’t worry – the romance doesn't take over the story here but it is a critical piece to the story as it changes how things are supposed to happen. Also, the banter between Iolanthe and Titus was one of the best things. I found myself laughing at not only their conversations but also those that included some of the secondary characters like Kashkari. Definitely check this one out when you can. I will be waiting (let’s be honest…it will be impatiently) for the next book of the series as I am very curious to see where this goes.