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The Wrong Girl: Book 1 of the 1st Freak House Trilogy

The Wrong Girl: Book 1 of the 1st Freak House Trilogy (Volume 1) - C.J. Archer 2.5 starsThe Wrong Girl is an interesting read. This is the first in the Freak House Series and there is definitely some promise. I found myself turning the pages hoping to get some answers but unfortunately nothing was really resolved. I think that the length may have hurt. At only 139 pages, it is definitely a quick read but I didn't get a lot of the information I was hoping to have by the end.Hannah Smith is the companion to Violet Jamieson and due to their afflictions; they have both spent almost their entire lives (15 years) in the attic of Violet’s father’s house. The reasoning is that Hannah has narcoleptic episodes and when they happen, Violet’s fear makes her start fires. One day, while out on one of their walks, Violet and Hannah get caught in the rain and make their way to the groundskeeper’s cabin in the woods. When Hannah steps outside to get wood for the fire, she is grabbed from behind and drugged.Hannah wakes up in a carriage with a young woman and finds out she is on her way to Frakingham House (Freak House) with the Langley’s who believe her to be Violet. They tell her they don't have anything sinister in mind, they (really Jack) intend to train her to control the fire that sparks from her. Hannah believes that there is something more going on and because she doesn't want to put Violet in danger, she decides not to tell them they have the wrong girl.I found the story interesting and the characters engaging. Hannah is smart and despite her situation finds herself becoming friends with the people around her. At times I wanted her to fight back more. It seemed like she was awfully accepting of the fact that she wasn't really given any answers but she was supposed to trust these people (who she didn't know). Jack was a solid character and I hope we learn more about him in the next book. Clearly he was drawn to Hannah and wanted to help her but he was pretty closed off. Based on his personality, I would think he would have pushed August to give him more answers. It’s hard to tell whether August Langley is the bad guy here or not. He definitely knows things and isn't telling and I have a feeling there are definite ulterior motives to him taking in Jack and now Hannah. I’m not sure about Sylvia yet either – I feel like she has a story but we didn't really get much in this book from her except that she likes to shop and is very aware of class and society rules.I think the most frustrating thing for me with this book is that no questions were ever answered. Hannah still doesn't know how she came to be how she is, who her parents were and how August Langley knew her. Also, who is Violet – is she really Lord Wade’s daughter or just another child from the Society? Why is Jack different from Hannah? Also, who the heck is Tate to Hannah and why is he such a nutjob? See….too many questions left. Knowing this is a series I will definitely check out the second book because I want to know what happens and I am curious to see where Archer goes with the rest of this story. If you are interested in historical with a bit of paranormal you might enjoy this one.