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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - This book...AHH. It made me love Warner - despite the fact that I know I am not supposed to. He's supposed to be the bad guy...right??This story is Warner's POV and gives a glimpse of his life. While reading this I kept thinking that he truly does love Juliette. She completely threw his life out of whack (unintentionally) and even though he wasn't sure he liked it, it truly made an impact on who he is turning into.This only made me more antsy to read Unravel Me....I need someone to take pity on me and get me a copy of this. Just putting that out there. Excuse me while I go and re-read Shatter Me...I have been meaning to do this recently and I have high hopes that it will tide me over until I can get my hands on Unravel Me.