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Dearly, Departed

Dearly, Departed - I really enjoyed this book. True rating is 4.5 stars.The plot if this story is great. Society is split into two factions - victorians and punks and to keep things interesting, Habel decided to add some zombies to the mix. Not all zombies are bad and that includes some of the major characters. No plot giveaways here.I love the characters in this story. All of them and that never really happens. Nora is strong and follows through with what is important to her. At first I wasn't sure about Pamela but she grew on me. Bram was strong, protective, open and honest. I also appreciated that both he and Nora were realists. They both understood the hurdles and challenges they would face if everyone survived.I will admit that at first I was annoyed with all of the switching pov's as I wanted to focus on Nora and Bram but that too grew on me as it was important to see the different perspectives. I really enjoyed seeing the shift in how Nora perceived Bram and the other zombies. The shift was subtle andI loved Bram's response/reaction to the change.I am (eagerly) looking forward to the next book.