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Pure (Covenant Series #2)

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout I enjoyed this book. There is action, sadness, love, anger...a lot of things that make a good story. The story progressed and even though this is part of a series, I felt like there was a clear beginning, middle and end. There is a definite continuation and everyone knows how impatient I am with waiting for the next installment of anything but I am happy there wasn't a huge cliffhanger. The interaction with the Council pretty much drew a line in the sand for where Aiden and Alex's relationship (or non-relationship) can go. I am interested to see how that progresses when the story picks up considering how things wrapped up here. I can understand the confusion Alex has when it comes to Seth. she is still hung up on her feelings for Aiden but because of what she saw during the council meeting, her mind knows it isn't possible for them to be together. Aiden realizes this as well and they are trying to deny their feelings to protect each other.I am looking forward to the next book to find out how things pick back up.