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The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White The Chaos of Stars mixes Egyptian gods with a present day sixteen year old named Isadora. Her parents don’t pay attention to her (they are immortal) and she jumps at the chance to move to San Diego to live with her brother and get away from everyone.I found Isadora to be a bit annoying in the beginning – not that I blame her…I would probably be a bit put out if my father couldn’t remember my name and my mom decided to take over my room for a new baby. Regardless, she wasn’t my favorite character. I actually enjoyed the secondary characters more here – Tyler and Scott…OH and Ry. Seriously, a gorgeous looking nerd who writes epic poetry – who wouldn’t like him?? Plus...with lines like this one - SWOON!"I like you. I want to be your friend, but I also want you in ways that are very much not just friendly. And I'm not going to apologize or pretend I don't."Overall I liked this one….I can’t say that I loved it though. The premise of the story was definitely interesting as I enjoyed the Egyptian history and the underlying mystery helped move the story along. I think the fact that I was a bit annoyed with the main character is what threw this one off for me. It was a quick read and if you like to learn about gods and goddesses, definitely check this one out.