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Unwind - Neal Shusterman A very interesting topic for a story. From the very beginning of the book i was sucked into the lives of these 3 main characters (connor, risa, and lev). The idea that if your parents wanted to, they could decide to have you unwound (meaning taken apart piece by piece and given to others), is disturbing. Yet i loved the story. The range of emotions and the change/growth the characters go through made me wonder what i would do or how i would react if i were in the same situation. Connor was my favorite from the beginning...to see him struggle to come to terms with the decision his parents made and then eventually still not hate them is important as it says a lot about him. He continues to grow throughout the book and I am happy with where his story wraps with this book.Lev is interesting in that his entire mindset changes from start to finish. His encounter with connor and risa truly opened his eyes to life outside of being a tithe and what his parents wanted for him. I'm glad he got to see pastor dan again to discuss everything.I will say the writing around the actual unwinding of Roland was disturbing but made it seem real. 4.5 if i could do 1/2's.