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Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)

Venom - Fiona Paul I enjoyed this book – it kept me turning the pages with all of the mystery and despite the fact that there wasn't really any resolution at the end; I will definitely continue reading the series.The main character Cassandra (Cass) is living with her aunt due to death of her parents and after attending the funeral of a close friend, becomes involved in a mystery. On top of all of this, she is engaged to someone she has not seen for 3 years and potentially in love with another that she has no chance of being with due to the classes they were both brought up in. I liked Cass. At times she did something completely stupid and irrational but other times she was pretty smart. Having been brought up in a society where women aren’t really allowed to be on their own and are “owned” by the men around them, Cass struggles with the life that has been decided for her. Enter Falco. Of course he is mysterious, likes trouble and spins Cassandra’s world upside down. Luca is the man that Cass is betrothed to – though he doesn't really make a physical appearance until about the last ¼ of the book. He too has a secret and eventually things come out between Cass and Luca – at least some of it does.These characters kept me interested and I am very curious to see how the next book picks up based on how this book ended. I really wish something would have been resolved in this book because although we find out some of what is going on, nothing is wrapped up. The actual story is good too – Cass and Falco are somewhat thrown together and work to try to solve the mystery.