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Bitterblue - 3.5 stars on this one.There was a lot going on in this book with the main story being Bitterblue trying to figure out who to trust. We get to see the characters Po, Katsa and Giddon again along with some new characters in Saf and Teddy. Throughout the story Bitterblue struggles with being queen. In her trips outside the castle at night she runs into Saf and Teddy and begins to learn more and more about the Truthseekers. It is also very clear that Bitterblue feels separated from everyone by the fact that she is queen and doesn't really have a family (outside of her relatives). I liked how the relationship between Giddon and Bitterblue developed. It was also nice to read more about Po and Katsa. I was sad to see their story end in Graceling so it was an added bonus that they were brought back. There was mystery and intrigue along with a story of how Bitterblue grows into her role and who she is.