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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker Gah - there is so much I liked about this book. I won't do a summary here as I know I won't do it justice. Just know that I was unable to put this one down. I tend to lean toward loving those books that have a life changing event that is the catalyst to the rest of the story...this one is no different.Kacey is the main character here and she is nowhere near perfect. She has survived a very traumatic accident and due to everything she has gone through, she has closed herself off from just about everyone and everything. The only thing she truly cares about right now is her little sister, Livie. The book opens with them on a bus running away to Miami (from Michigan) and trying to make a life there. Then the thing that Kacey tries to avoid most happens, she meets people that want to love, help and support her. Nora (Storm) and Trent enter their lives very unexpectedly and they both make Kacey realize that no matter what walls she builds, she can't stop people from caring about her or to her dismay, her from caring about them. I did go back and forth on Trent's issue. Once you read the book you will know what I mean but since I don't want to give anything away, I don't want to say what it is. I thought Tucker did a great job of showing what happened and how it impacted his life despite the fact that the story is told from Kacey's point of view. The characters where what really made this book for me. Kacey is tough, sarcastic and flawed. Livie - just knowing there will be a book with her pov is making me happy. I liked her and thought there wasn't enough of her. Nora/Storm is great - she stepped in and took care of the girls while they also helped her. Officer Dan, Ben, Tanner...all were great characters as well and helped move the story along. Trent - I don't even know what to say about him. From the first time he interacted with Kacey there was a spark. He definitely has his skeletons and issues and what he did was questionable but I will admit to loving him throughout the majority of the book. In the end, he comes through (with the help of Livie) and I really do think he is a great character and I know some will disagree with me. I keep my fingers crossed that perhaps someday Tucker will do a book from his pov (hint, hint). This book will stay on my favorites shelf as I am sure I may be doing a re-read in the near future. It definitely covers some sensitive topics but does so in a way that creates a great story and gets the reader invested in what happens.