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Uncharted: An On the Island Novella

Uncharted - Tracey Garvis-Graves A big thank you to Tracey Garvis Graves for giving us more of this story. Uncharted gives us a view of the island before Anna and TJ ended up on it along with Owen’s story. The novella actually opens with Owen walking up to Anna and TJ’s house which allows us a glimpse into their life and we are introduced to Owen and how his story merges with theirs.Owen is getting away from it all. After having a lot of success in the dot com boom of the 90’s, he has made the decision that he doesn't want to deal with all of the things that come with that success. He doesn't trust his business partners to make the right decisions any longer, his family is feeling very entitled to his money and he has had it. After researching and planning, Owen purposely goes to the most remote island and he was able to leave any time he wanted. I loved how his story was written from that perspective as it gave me a completely different view of the island than I had with Anna and TJ. It was great to read his journal entries and see how he managed on the island all by himself. His story also answers some questions around who lived there and what happened on the island prior to Anna and TJ ending up there.The way the stories are tied together is what makes this book so well done. Not only do we see what happened to Owen while he was on the island but as he is telling his story, we realize just how different things could have been had certain events happened. The fact that Owen has almost blamed himself for their fate (a bit) said a lot about who he is but also the fact that Anna and TJ have moved beyond the “what if” stuff and decided to embrace life as it is was pivotal. While the story was not really about Anna and TJ I have to say I loved how there were chapters from their points of view - it definitely added to the story to be able to get their reactions to what Owen was telling them from them directly.If you enjoyed On the Island, you will definitely want to read this novella and not just because Anna and TJ are included. Owen was a great addition to this story and his perspective brings a different view that one might not expect regarding the island based on reading On the Island. If you haven’t done so already, trust me when I say you should run out and get this one and dive right it – you can thank me later.