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Tremble (Denazen Novel)

Tremble - Jus Accardo Tremble picks up shortly after Toxic leaves off. A lot happens in this book and it was great to get deeper into Denazen and not only how it all began but also what they have been up to. I will attempt this with no spoilers but be warned…it might be tough.Kale is back with Denazen but Dez has no idea what has happened to him and although she has tried to dig up what she could on Kiernan that could help she has continued to come up empty handed. Because Alex and Jade (yes, her) have made it their mission to get Dez back to her old life, she finds herself at a nix rave. While there, something (or someone) catches her eye. In typical Dez fashion, she follows and happens to find that the person is Kiernan. After a bit of a confrontation, Dez happens to come face to face with Kale…but not the Kale she knows. As Alex joins the party it becomes very clear that something is off. Kale keeps referring to Kiernan as Roz and tells him Dez is Kiernan…the person responsible for his memory loss and accident. With all of the stuff with Kale going on, Dez is also dealing with the side effects of the Supremacy project. She has begun to show signs of decline and everyone knows they need to find the cure soon. Through an informant Ginger has working at Denazen, they find that Cross has started a third Supremacy trial called Domination. Because of the success, Cross has declared the “old” model obsolete and has assigned Kale and Kiernan the task of eliminating all of the Supremacy subjects. At the same time, Dez and the Underground are hunting them down to try to bring them in to safety. Again, Dez never changed from being the tough, funny, and sarcastic character despite the fact that her world is falling apart. Kale was different because of the circumstances but underneath it all he was still Kale. Dez’s relationship with Jade and Ginger seem somewhat strained but they all work together for the greater good. I guess that makes her a better person than me because I’m not sure I would be able to be in the same room with either of them after their actions in book two. I enjoyed the third installment of the Denazen books and found myself unable to put the book down. Accardo does a wonderful job of moving the story forward, revealing some of the secrets, and keeping the characters true to who they are. I am looking forward to the next book to see how things go for Dez and Kale. I am also curious about how Alex’s life will be impacted and knowing how this book ends, am very interested in finding out more about the secret Cross revealed (no spoiler but for the record, I have my own theories on this one).