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One - LeighAnn Kopans Merrin Grey has the ability to hover…unfortunately in her world that isn't enough. As a One, she lacks the second power that would make her a Super and able to fly. When she transfers to Nelson High School (for Normals) for her sophomore year of high school, Merrin meets Elias and things change. See, Elias is a One as well and his ability is he can control the air. When they are together they feel a buzz and their powers are compounded. Now Merrin is finding that she wants more than to be able to fly and an internship at The Hub, Elias has become just as important to her.One mixes this world of superpowers with a world of normals and I loved it. I would have liked to see a bit more of the interaction between the Supers, Ones, and Normals. I enjoyed the background we got and it was clear that, as with anything, depending on what side you are on, stories can vary. It would have been nice to see what things were really like between the groups as I didn't really get a sense that there was conflict with the exception that Supers felt differently toward Ones. People are definitely keeping secrets in this book and I don’t just mean Elias or Merrin. Anyone who works for The Hub seems to know more than anyone else and they aren't telling. Merrin’s parents won’t tell Merrin something about her science teacher, Elias’ parents seem a bit odd – we really never meet his dad until later and his mom seems to be hiding something, and Elias’ sisters clearly have some secrets of their own. Kopans does a wonderful job developing the characters in this story. I could feel Merrin’s anger and disappointment in the beginning and as her relationship with Elias progresses, she becomes more accepting of the fact that she is a One. Don’t get me wrong, Merrin hasn't stopped trying to find out a way to fly but she has come to accept that Elias is just as important to her. It was great to see it all come together in her mind toward the end and see her decide what she needed to do.Elias feels the connection to Merrin right away and is perfectly swoony. He knows that if certain people found out what they can do when they are together things could be dangerous for both of them so he does what he can to protect Merrin as well as their friends Leni and Daniel. On top of that, he is worried about his sisters and worried that he will never make his father proud of him. Keep in mind that I really haven’t said much about the story here as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. There were a few twists I expected but a number of them I hadn't so hopefully you will be as entertained as I was. This was a quick read and I found myself unable to put this one down until I turned the last page. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA, a solid story, and great characters. I am excited to see what is in store for Merrin and Elias in the next book as well as what happens with not only Leni and Daniel but also Merrin’s and Elias’ families.