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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell All the feels with this one. I am sitting here wondering what the heck I am going to write that will do this book any kind of justice. This story had everything that makes reading a book one of my favorite things to do. Eleanor and Park are not those perfect teenagers with perfect lives that meet, fall in love and live happily ever after but that is really what makes this book. It is 1986 and Eleanor is living with her mother, 4 brothers and sisters, and her step-father after having been away for a year. Eleanor will do what she needs to in order to survive and I loved that about her. Park is one of those kids that is on the fringe…not popular but also not at the bottom of the food chain. He completely recognizes it and even realizes that his life could be worse if it weren’t for kids like Eleanor.Her first introduction to Park was awkward and somewhat humiliating…being the new kid and trying to find a seat on a full school bus – definitely not a fun situation. He eventually takes pity on her and the situation and tells her to just sit down. With that, the uncomfortable silences eventually turn into sharing of comic books, music and then eventually more.This story about how these characters fall in love is wonderful and with the switching point of views we get glimpses into the heads of both Eleanor and Park which I thought was important. Where Eleanor was tough and at times putting up walls, Park was trying to tear them down and really get to know her. When I say I had all the feels with this book, I’m not kidding. The range emotions evoked by this story and these characters was almost ridiculous and that is why this will stay on my favorites list.