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Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2)

Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) - Morgan Rhodes,  Michelle Rowen Gah! Now how long do I have to wait for the next one?Rebel Spring is book two of the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes and jumps back into the story shortly after book one ends. I have mixed feelings about this one as I was so happy to finally get a chance to read this (THANK YOU @book_junkee) I found myself a little underwhelmed. NOW – don’t get me wrong. I still love this series, I just feel like the progression of the story seemed to take baby steps forward and nothing really was resolved. This isn't uncommon (I have found) with a second book in a series so while nothing was really resolved, I thought it was well done. Also, the covers on these books are beautiful and they make me happy. Auranos has been conquered by The Blood King (Gaius) and he is definitely making his presence felt. Gaius has taken over the throne and united all three nations (Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia) as one country now called Mytica. Things have changed for everyone in this story and the changes Gaius has made is impacting Cleo, Magnus, Jonas, and Lucia….a lot. He is willing to do and risk whatever he needs to in order to ensure his rule and his longevity. Plus, he doesn't really care about anyone but himself and what others can do for him. He kills anyone who gets in his way and even those that just happen to cross paths with him at the wrong time.Cleo is now a prisoner in her own home – guards follow her everywhere. While Gaius makes plans to build his road, he decides the best way to keep the focus off of him and his plans is to have the people focus on Cleo…and her wedding. Gaius makes an announcement that will forever link the nations and allow him to finish his road into the Forbidden Mountains. Cleo is definitely doing the best she can in her situation. She has lost everyone in her family and is now living under the same roof as her enemy. At times she worries that the Damora’s will kill her but she comes to understand her true value to them. Mostly using the wedding as a distraction or using the Auranos people’s love for her as a political move against the Rebels.Magnus is still struggling with his feelings for Lucia. He has no choice but to move on but he finds himself unable to let go at times. With everything else that is going on in his life, he is also dealing with the fact that Lucia appears to be in an indefinite sleep. The fact that he can’t do anything to help wake her up and he continues to deal with his father’s mood swings only frustrates him more. There were times again in this book that I felt both sympathy and anger toward him. He has definitely had his share of crap thrown at him and he takes it but then turns his own anger toward others. He is continually trying to prove to his father he is worthy of taking over the Kingdom and he is slowly showing Gaius that he is his true heir. I really hope he comes through and doesn't just become a puppet for Gaius, I would be very disappointed.Jonas is now the leader of the rebels and slowly building an army. Very slowly. In addition to Brion, another rebel by the name of Lysandra happens to have his ear and become an integral part of what happens. I have mixed feelings toward Lysandra – sometimes I thought she was kickass other times I just found her annoying. If Jonas didn't do things her way, she thought he was stupid and basically argued with him about everything. I don’t want to give anything away regarding what happens but Jonas makes some decisions that have a huge impact not only on the rebels who support him, but also those that don’t. Bottom line -his ultimate goal is to kill Gaius and Magnus. If he has the opportunity to kill Aron at the same time, even better. We do get to learn more about Lucia’s purpose and how she ties to the road Gaius is building. It is revealed via The Kindred and Alexius, Phaedra, and Melenia all play a role. It was good to find out more about Lucia’s magic and how it all ties together. Also, seeing her struggle with controlling the dark side of her magic was interesting. I am curious to see what happens and see what is in store for Lucia in book three. This book definitely leaves a lot unresolved and Rhodes has proven (with both book one and book two) that she isn't afraid to kill of important characters. Based on what happened in this book as well as where things were left off I am hoping book three dives right in and gets us moving. My only regret in reading this book now is that I have to wait for what may be forever (or at least it will feel that way) to read book three. If you enjoy fantasy definitely check this one out. It includes politics, magic, murder, and a bit of romance. It has a lot of different points of view but if you enjoy reading from the different perspectives, you should appreciate it with this one.