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Storm Born - Richelle Mead 3.5 stars. This was a great introduction to this series and the characters. I will definitely continue reading.Eugenie is the main character and she happens to be a shaman. She is the one that people call when they have paranormal issues. She grew up in a house where dealing with gentry (fairies), ghosts and all other things paranormal was...normal. The underlying story is that someone (Wil) comes to Eugenie asking her to go to the Otherworld to save his sister Jasmine who he believes was kidnapped and taken by King Aeson. This triggers a series of happenings that relate to who Eugenie is and her parentage. At the same time, those things she is being called on to banish or take care of happen to keep calling her by her real name..which has her concerned.There is a lot of action in this book - Eugenie spends a lot of time traveling from one world to the next and in between is involved in a lot of fights. Partially due to the work she does but also because she happens to be a part of a prophecy that states her child will have a critical role in the future of the Otherworld. Now...I have to briefly mention Kiyo and Dorian. I actually really like them both but there is just something about Dorian that makes him stand out for me. He has a personality, interest in the things around him and come on, he's a king. :) Dorian is the one who spends the time with Eugenie to get her to focus on her magic and get her to the point where she would make a difference in a fight with someone else who has strong magic.Through the course of the story a number of things are revealed. From Eugenie being the daughter of The Storm King to Jasmine actually being her half sister. All of these pieces head into the showdown between Aeson and Eugenie. I won't go into the detail but ultimately Eugenie becomes The Thorn Queen and has to figure out what to do with her kingdom. I enjoyed this one and look forward to reading the next book in the series.