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Numbers (Numbers Series #1)

Numbers: Book 1 - Rachel Ward This one was interesting. The cover immediately drew me in...I started this and actually stopped reading it for a few days because I just wasn't able to get into it. The story is about Jem who sees when people will die - the numbers appear if she makes eye contact. Outside of this part of the story we find that Jem has had a tough life so far. I actually forgot at times that she was actually only 15 years old. Jem happens to run into Spider and the rest is history. It isn't your normal love story - it is gritty and dark and at first I don't think she even likes Spider. A lot happens here - I won't go into all of the detail but I will say I am curious enough in this to probably read the next book in the series. Having read a preview and the lead in from the ending to this book, I do have some curiosity around this new date being mentioned.