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More - T.M. Franklin Actual rating 3.5 stars.Ava always thought she was special...really, she is. After going away for college, Ava finds herself struggling to pass her physics class. Enter tutor, Caleb Foster. He appears to just be a super smart college student but Ava starts to wonder. I liked the characters in this book...note here - I didn't find myself loving them but I'm not sure why not. Ava was smart (with the exception being physics but who can hold that against her?) and throughout the book stood up for what she felt was right or what she wanted. I appreciated that she didn't do something stupid just to move the story forward. Caleb was great - he was truly acting as a protector and although he held things back based on his role, he eventually came clean and told Ava what she needed to know. Although there were a number of secondary characters, no one really stands out. Lucy, Ava's roommate, is important in the first 1/2 of the book but then doesn't come up again. Tiernan and Katherine are woven throughout but nothing extraordinary. There was some predictability in who Caleb's mother was but it will be interesting to see how their relationship changes based on the ending of this book. The story is interesting although at first I thought it took a bit too long to get into the answers of who Caleb is and what it all has to do with Ava. Honestly, I finished the book and am still not clear about Ava's background and although some of it is resolved, there were still a number of questions that were unanswered by the time I turned the last page. I appreciated the twist at the end (no spoilers here) but again, it triggered a lot of questions that were not resolved by the end of the book.Overall this was a solid story. The plot was thought out and there is an interesting twist on the paranormal in that there is a race living among humans that is much more advanced.