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Shadow Rising: Number 3 in series (Dark Dynasties)

Shadow Rising - Kendra Leigh Castle I feel like I over rated the 2nd book in this series...should have been a 3 because if I look at the series as a whole (so far) book 1 was my favorite and this one is rated higher than the 2nd - rating it a 3.5. Excuse me while I go back and adjust my star rating on book two....Anyway, I was very happy to see this one focused on Damien. I was interested to find out how he ended up as a Shade. There is some back story and we find out where he came from but there really isn't anything about his past with Ty (even though we know something went down with them) or how he eventually came to be a Shade. The relationship that develops between Damien and Ariane is as expected. Again, not giving anything away here but I found it interesting that being as sheltered as she supposedly was, her hand was in his pants fairly quickly. Overall the story has an interesting twist as Ariane is introduced and she is a member of the Grigori dynasty. The Grigori are the watchers and we find out just how old Ariane is as well as where the race comes from. I won't give anything away but there is definitely a difference in this race...more than being able to shift into a cat or a bat. Also, Chaos is introduced and based on how the book ended, I assume he will be making a return appearance.The characters from the other books are here as well which creates some consistency. The issues with the Ptolomy have not gone away and there are glimpses of Ty/Lily and Jaden/Lyra. Also, Vlad is back and I will say, I want his story to come up soon.