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Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4)

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Overall this series was about a 3 star for me. There were things I liked and things that irritated me by the time I was on the last book. I read all four books of this series back to back and I think that was a good thing - If I would have had to wait, I probably wouldn't have picked up book 3 until I really had the urge to find out what happened. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn't bad – 3 stars is still good.Eugenie is the main character and I had a love hate relationship with her. I love the tough, kick ass heroines and at times I thought she had it. There were also other times where I thought Mead felt like she had to have Eugenie in a relationship and I understand where she went with it but boy was there a lot of back and forth between Kiyo and Dorian that I ultimately just found annoying. Kiyo and Dorian are great and after book 3 it was clear (at least to me) who Eugenie should be with…actually I made my decision at book 1 but apparently Mead wanted to drag this one out.. :) Regardless, some things happen in book 3 that should really make the decision pretty easy – for anyone.Each of the books was a fairly quick read and they were all packed with action and the paranormal. Eugenie is still faced with the prophecy that her son will lead in the takeover of the human world. Because of that, a number of things happen in book 3 and 4 that impact who Eugenie is, who she trusts and who she ends up loving. Mead did a great job of wrapping up the story here but I won’t say I was happy with it. Especially considering the choice Eugenie is faced with at the end and ultimately, her decision. Based on her actions (and reactions) throughout the series, I found her final decision to be especially troubling. Outside of that, I thought everything else came together well.