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Stolen Nights: A Vampire Queen Novel

Stolen Nights - Rebecca Maizel Overall rating would be a 2.5 on this one. I had been waiting for this one for a while and was super excited to see it on netgalley. I'm hoping that if there is a book 3 (and it feels like there will be) I don't have to wait 2+ years for it.From what I can remember of the first book, I really enjoyed it. I struggled with this one only because I couldn't remember any of it and I think that put me at a disadvantage. Mainly because this book jumped right into the story without a lead in and with the amount of time (and books that I have read in between) I either should have gone back to re-read book one or I would have benefited by a lead in. I found myself annoyed with Lenah most of the time. She was either angsty about the fact that she couldn't be with Rhode and then was using Justin. I loved Vicken but again, felt like I shouldn't have due to what happened in book one. Overall the story focuses on Lenah, Vicken, and Rhode trying to figure out what to do about Odette (another vampire that was created by Lenah over 100 years ago). Odette came to Lovers Bay because of the power she felt when the the group performed the magic needed to turn them human. She is now attacking/killing people around Lenah in the hopes it will get her to give her the information on the ritual. There is a lot of fighting and death in this book. Eventually Lenah realizes what needs to be done to resolve the problems she has brought upon the school as well as fix the wrongs she committed over the last 500+ years....including Vicken and Rhode. I did enjoy the relationship/friendship that Lenah had with Vicken in this book - he was very protective of her and it created an interesting dynamic.The epilogue does open up the door for a third book and I would be curious to see how it plays out with Rhode and his search for "her".