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Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3)

Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer Overall this entire series was about a 3 for me. The biggest complaint I have is that although the underlying story was great, the books continued to make the main focus the love triangle. I get it, Calla had a choice to make. The fact that it was dragged out for 3 books was a bit too much.To not ruin this for anyone I am spoiler tagging the rest so proceed with caution.Calla is definitely a tough character and as proven by the end of the book, truly a wolf at heart. I have mixed feelings about Shay. Maybe because of Ren...whatever it was, I couldn't understand what it was that drew her to Shay. I get it, he was a wolf without the wolf part for a while and truly belonged with them but that seemed to be all there was other than the fact that he wasn't Ren and the one she was being forced to partner with.Ren - what to say here. I was disappointed with the way his story was ended....to say the least. It was so abrupt and although Calla had made her decision by that point (in her head and shared it with Shay) she hadn't really said anything to Ren. To be honest, I was rooting for him the whole series. Yes, he had a checkered past and was being forced into the union as well but he truly cared about Calla and she just didn't see any of that until it was too late.I did enjoy the secondary characters in this book - Conner, Adne, Sabine, and Ethan. Although I will admit that the relationship between Conner and Adne - after hearing their ages and back story felt a bit icky to me. I might have felt this a bit less if Adne were older.My issue with the story may be that I read the prequels (Rift and Rise) before I read this series. I know there is a larger story underneath about the evolution of the Searchers and the Keepers along with the Nether World. I just wish we would have gotten to hear more of it. If you read this series, be prepared for a lot of action as well as some angst and heartache.