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Claimed (Club Sin, #1)

Claimed (Club Sin, #1) - Stacey Kennedy This was a nice surprise. I enjoyed Dmitri and Presley's story and thought Kennedy did a good job of developing the characters. It was a fairly quick read without making me feel like I missed out on anything.Presley just recently broke things off with her boyfriend of 8 years because he cheated on her. After moving in with her friend Cora, Presley finds out that Cora lives a BDSM lifestyle and she is interested in exploring it herself as she is drawn to these types of erotic novels. The first step for Presley is to meet with Dmitri Pratt, the owner of Club Sin, to see if she fits the club and it was almost like an interview....a very interesting one. Dmitri owns the club and he is definitely an alpha male. He found the lifestyle fit his need to be in charge and gave him an outlet for some of the frustrations he has had in his life. He hasn't had a relationship in a while and the first time he meets Presley, there is something about her that draws him in. After offering to train her, he finds that he is becoming more and more possessive about her. Not only is he training her in the lifestyle, Dmitri also helps Presley get back some of her backbone and stand up for herself. Overall the story was well paced. The end felt a bit rushed to me and I found it interesting that things progressed as quickly as they did between the two main characters. I enjoyed the secondary characters and am glad to see this is going to be a series as the other Masters have piqued my interest and I will definitely check out the other stories when they are available.