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Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Arclight is one of those books that grabbed my attention from the first paragraph. Josin McQuein does a wonderful job of not only creating the world these characters live in but also creating a story that is interesting. I will do my best not to ruin anything in the story but be warned.The world is made up of three things, the Arclight, the Grey, and the Dark. The Arclight is where the humans live and the light only thing that really protects them from the Fade. The Grey is a buffer zone where the light and dark meet. The Dark is where the Fade live and it is assumed that the main character, Marina, came from here…trying to escape the Fade and the Dark. The Fade are (in my opinion) really what make this story. They are different from any kind of character I have come across in a dystopian novel and I love it when an author introduces something that I haven’t seen/read before. That’s really all I can say about them without giving anything away. Marina is unique for a number of reasons. First, unlike everyone else, she didn't grow up in the Arclight – she was actually found in the Grey. Combined with the fact that she survived being attacked by the Fade and it is clear she is different from everyone else. Her differences actually make others in the Arc uncomfortable and once Marina came to the Arc, the Fade seemed to attack more often, almost as if they were trying to get to her for some reason. Unfortunately Marina doesn't remember anything prior to being rescued in the Grey. During her rescue, a number of people ran to help her and unfortunately a few didn't make it back, including Tobin’s father. Because of that, Marina feels like Tobin may hate her.You may have read already that there is a love triangle. I thought it was done in a way that didn't disrupt the actual story and honestly, I didn't mind it at all and thought it actually added a layer to the story. I thought McQuein did a great job developing the characters in this story. I thought Marina was a believable heroine and McQuein did a great job showing how isolated she felt through the beginning of the story. It was clear she didn't feel like she belonged anywhere and getting the snippets of her backstory (what was known) helped me understand her separation. I also liked Tobin, Rue, and Anne-Marie. I’m not going to go into a lot of the storyline here because I don’t want to ruin the twists. I will say there were some things that I saw coming and others that surprised me. I especially enjoyed the end and how McQuein revealed everything – I will be interested to see how she picks up book two because I honestly thought this one had a pretty solid ending.