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Rise: A Nightshade Novel

Rise - Andrea Cremer I really liked this prequel series and have read that this is the last book before the series jumps to Nightshade. I really would like and appreciate one more book...I felt this one ended so abruptly. This book focuses on the aftermath of what happens after the group decides to leave the keep and Lady Eira. So much happens in this book and there is so much room for more. I loved seeing the relationship progress between Ember and Barrow. Honestly, Alistair is somewhat of a nutjob and his obsession with Ember was crazy. He actually moves from obsessing only about Ember to a "project" that will have a huge impact on the war between the Conatus guards and Lady Eira. I won't go into everything that happens as a whole lot does truly go down. There is a lot of intrigue, magic, danger and some romantic tension. I will definitely hop into the Nightshade series to read more but also hope that there is some back story included so that I can understand what happened between the wedding and Calla's world.