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Frost - Kate Avery Ellison This was an interesting story. At first I kept wondering what are the Watchers (I'm still not really sure), who are The Farthers and why is everyone so segregated? As the end neared the explanations began to come out. Lia is tough. At first I wasn't sure if I liked her as she seemed a bit harsh toward Cole and her friends but she does have a lot on her plate. Although I don't recall her age being mentioned, I assumed she was in her late teens and with that, she had a lot of responsibility taking care of her brother, sister and the farm.I think due to the length of the book, we missed out on really learning more about the characters which I wished I could have had. We didn't get to find out why Gabe was arrested or what Cole's deal really was. It was also odd the way Ann was Lia's best friend but they weren't really that close.Overall a good book with some minor issues. If it is a series I would consider reading the next one.