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Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis Not a Drop to Drink is one of those books that had me thinking about it even after I finished the story. This is definitely not a simple read as it focuses on surviving in a world that isn't necessarily easy to survive in. There is violence and painful stuff going on but it is real and there are also some lighter moments. It includes swoons and romance alongside death and anger…but honestly, this is the type of story that makes me love reading. Lynn is the main character and she has been brought up by her mother with the knowledge that no matter what happens, she needs to protect the pond on their land. You see, the world’s water supply has been diminished and now those that live in the city have to pay for water but also have limits placed on them to control population. Those that are lucky enough to have a water supply (like Lynn and her mother) didn't have to move to the city but do whatever they can to safeguard their independence. It is clear that Lynn’s mother has tried to do whatever she could to prepare Lynn for the possibility that she may one day be on her own, unfortunately that time comes sooner than either one expected. Lucky for Lynn – despite what she may think – she has Stebbs. She is definitely wary of him at first, but eventually she comes to rely on and trust him.Stebbs was a great character. While Lynn’s mom was alive he definitely kept his distance. We find out that there is history between the two as the novel progresses but no matter what, he seems to always be there in the distance…just in case. When the worst thing Lynn could imagine happens, he steps up and begins communicating with Lynn. He knows he won’t win her over right away mostly because he knew her mother. Regardless, as they start to build a friendship of sorts they begin to learn to trust one another. As the story moves forward we start to see the changes in Lynn. She is a hard character and very straightforward. There are definitely no games with Lynn and people know where they stand with her. When she comes across Lucy and Eli, this is where things start to shift. Lynn is unexpectedly taking care of a young girl and although she tries her hardest to avoid them, begins to feel something for Lucy. She becomes very protective and does her best to make things better for her while she is staying with Lynn. Now….throw in Eli and Lynn is completely out of her element. What to say about Eli….not only does he make Lynn see things differently, he (along with Lucy) help her realize there is more to life than just work and protecting the pond and together they soften Lynn’s hard edges. Eventually they become more to each other than just acquaintances but they are also very real and understand that the things they have to face don’t necessarily mean everything will end up perfect for them no matter what they wish for. McGinnis definitely builds this story that slowly pulls you in and then scattered throughout makes you realize things aren't always happily ever after. It ran me through a million different emotions but also made me want more at the end. There are some twists and turns in this one and I refuse to give anything away about these characters and what happens but trust me when I tell you that you should read this book. Check this one out when you can.