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The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay Updated Review to come.To tide you over...here is my review from my first time reading.As a warning, my review will not do this book justice so I will tell you to just read it. I give it 5 stars but honestly, I would give more if I could.For me, a good book gets me invested in the characters and this one pulled me in from the first sentence. There is so much I want to say but won’t because I want everyone who reads this book to experience the story for themself. The story switches between the point of views of Nastya and Josh. Both have had things happen to them that are completely out of their control and I couldn’t help wanting to know all of the secrets right away but Millay does a wonderful job of spacing everything out along the way. This isn’t one of those boy meets girl and everything is puppies and rainbows. This is a story that shows life isn’t perfect and things happen but sometimes, with a lot of work, family, support, etc., people can heal (or begin to heal).Every last character introduced in this book is someone I want to know more about. The Leighton’s, Josh Bennett, Nastya, Drew, Clay,….they all have a story and Millay intertwines their stories beautifully to create a story that I was unable to put down. I probably highlighted more in this book than I have in a while and I have a feeling this will stay on my favorites shelf for a very long time.