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The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse So this one was a bit of a let down for me. The first few chapters were great and I was super engaged due to the immediate action as well as the background and world building. Beyond that I wasn't that impressed.Alenna became an orphan at the age of 10 due to her parents being taken by the government. At the age of 16, kids are given a test to determine whether they are solid citizens of the UNA. Surprise - Alenna doesn't pass the test and wakes up from it to find herself stranded on the island (everyone calls it The Wheel). Here is where things get iffy for me. There is a ton of descriptive text but things aren't really explained. How did Vei and The Monk live for so long if the normal life expectancy is 2 years. Where did the extra clothes come from - seriously, if they have a stash of spare clothes and robes somewhere (and let's not forget spare eyeglasses for David - WHAT??)...what else is around the island?Outside of that, the characters didn't really draw me in. I initially liked Alenna and I suppose I don't dislike her but I didn't love her. Gadya was actually a bit annoying to me - the whole "we're friends, we're not friends" thing was silly and I don't even think that aspect to the story was necessary. I was glad to learn a little bit about Liam but wanted to know more about David. There just wasn't enough development there and the fact that the book ends without anything regarding what happened to him is just mean...I mean, there was nothing to indicate anyone had any idea and that anything was going to be done to figure it out.Finally, the romance. I find it interesting when a character decides they are in love after 3 weeks (rough estimate) of being around someone. Nevermind that they have only really had about 3 full conversations and kissed briefly twice. Overall this story has a lot of promise - I might read the next one to see where it goes and learn more about what the deal is with the government, the rebels and also what the heck happened to David.