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Dead Living - Glenn Bullion Dead Living is your usual zombie book in that it shows what could happen if an apocalypse occurred but Bullion put an interesting twist on this zombie story with the introduction of Aaron - one of the main characters. We get just enough backstory to understand how things began and the lead into the present day gave me enough of a glimpse into how people have responded/reacted to the apocalypse in order to get an idea of how things are in present day.Aaron is special – he was born on the day the world was overrun and grew up with a family that cared about each other. For some reason, he is able to walk amongst the zombies with no fear of attack. The great thing about the character though is that he still cares about other people. He isn't just out to control others and with the special gift he has, he could be a powerful person. Aaron goes through a lot and after seeing his entire family die he ends up separating himself from everyone. With his “gift” he has decided he is better off living amongst the walkers because he can’t really decide who is worse, them or people and in some ways, I agree.Sam, the other main character, has been living with a group of people but has cut herself off from building any relationships…until she is rescued by Aaron. For some reason she is drawn to him, as are others. Sam recognizes that Aaron is different – not because of his secret but because he is optimistic and still cares about other people. Sam went from being completely closed off to realizing just how much Aaron meant to her. It also changed how she approached others at the school. She came to realize it is ok to care and allow people to get close. This is a fast paced, action packed book and although it doesn't reveal anything I haven’t seen before in zombie novels, I found myself turning the pages to see what would happen next. I found the transitions a bit confusing sometimes but other than that, it is a well written story. If you enjoy a good story, a bit of gore and a lot of action, you will probably enjoy this one.