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The Collector - Victoria Scott The Collector is one of those books that I heard everyone raving about but I had to hold off on reading it due to some other deadlines. I am actually happy I waited a bit The story itself may sound familiar…good vs. evil, heaven vs. hell, etc. but what makes it different (at least for me) are the characters. Ok, specifically Dante and Charlie. Dante is a Collector and he works for the “boss man” down below. He is one of 6 guys who wander the earth and collect souls. He also really enjoys it. I won’t lie – at first I was a bit put off by Dante and his ego/arrogance. If I would have ever met him in real life my first response would probably have been “Are you for real?” to which he probably would have had some sort of smart ass response that would have either made me laugh or just walk away. Surprisingly, it works for him and eventually becomes a part of his charm. Yes, I said charm. Charlie is the unexpected surprise of the story. When we first meet her, she is described as having frizzy blond hair, crooked teeth, and bad skin. Definitely not someone that Dante would normally associate with but he has a job and as the story progresses, she wins him over with her personality. The catch I guess is that when all is said and done and both are sharing their feelings about each other, Charlie now has a very different outside package. The bigger question in my mind is would Dante truly have fallen for her if she still looked the same? I like to think that with the growth I saw in his character that the answer is yes.Overall I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, engaging read with some interesting characters. I am definitely going to continue with book two, The Liberator, when it comes out as I am very interested in seeing what happens both with Dante and Charlie as well how Dante adjusts working for the “big man”.