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Sever - Lauren DeStefano A solid 3 stars from me for this and I would probably rate the entire series the same.I was a bit underwhelmed on this one although I probably feel the same about this one that I do about the second book - at least it didn't end poorly. Rhine is back under the care of Linden (actually his uncle Reed, who I loved!!) while trying to heal from her ordeal with Vaughn and is looking for her brother Rowan. At the same time, she has no idea where Gabriel is and believes they both think she is dead. There are twists and turns and honestly, I wasn't surprised by some of them. With that said, one of them did throw me - completely unexpected and because of that, I won't say anymore about it as I don't want to ruin anything. I wasn't sure where DeStefano was going with the characters here. I think my biggest issue was that in book two Gabriel was "the guy" and in book three, there isn't a lot of him. Instead, Linden is the focus and I'm not going to lie, I actually liked him more in this book. DeStefano gives us a glimpse into who Linden is (more so than before) and how Rhine's actions really impacted him. He really did care about her and I think Rhine assumed he just did whatever his father told him. Knowing more about him and who he was, it kind of made me uncomfortable for Rhine in the scenes that included Linden, Cecily, and Rhine. The whole sister wife aspect was off for me. Nevermind that these are kids....Regardless of all of that, I did enjoy the series. It is complete now so if you are intrigued, go ahead and start it...you won't have to wait for any of the books to finish it out and you might enjoy it.