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Shades of Earth - Beth Revis All the stars for Shades of Earth...I said it before and will say it again, it was a perfect end to this series.Revis did a wonderful job of world building throughout the series and in this book expanded it even more. The story and characters kept me engaged and had me turning the pages to see what happens next. At about 60 pages left I pretty much told my family not to interrupt or talk to me because I had to finish this.Centauri-Earth is introduced pretty quickly based on where the last book left off and it isn't anything like what the group from Godspeed was thinking it would be. There are quite a few dangers and none of them really know who to trust. The military group has been woken up and they don't understand how a kid is considered anyone's leader and although the group from Godspeed outnumbers the military group, they are very fearful of them - similar to their reaction to Amy when they first saw her aboard Godspeed. There are definitely tensions between the group from Earth and those that were born on Godspeed. There were times where Amy's dad actually came off as a bit racist in the story - referring to Elder's group as "them" and considering them different from his group.There are a number of new characters introduced in this just due to where the story went but it wasn't done in a way that was confusing. Each character had a purpose. Revis did a great job wrapping up this book - I was a bit worried near the end as I was invested in these characters. I am not going to include any spoilers here...I will only say that it was a perfect end in my opinion (anyone can disagree with me if they choose to) to the trilogy.If you enjoy a bit of mystery, sci-fi, some romance, great characters and a good story you really should give this series a try. It puts a different and interesting spin on the dystopian/alien/ya genre and I may actually re-read this from the beginning in the near future just to read them all at one time.