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Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent So I decided to review the 6 books so far in one review since I had the opportunity to read them all back to back. Overall I would give this series a 3.5. It was interesting enough to keep me reading and I (for the most part) liked the characters. From a timing standpoint, the books flow one right after the other and I thought that was a positive - there isn't much time lost from one to the next. I won't do a summary here - there wouldn't be enough room. Instead - just a brief overview...Kaylee is a 16 (almost 17) year old high school girl who has grown up living with her cousin and aunt/uncle since she was 3. She doesn't have much of a relationship with her father and her mother died - we are introduce to Kaylee and her best friend Emma at the beginning of the series and eventually find out that Kaylee suffers from "panic attacks". Turns out that isn't really the case and she is really a bean sidhe....Oh and she just happens to go to school with a male bean sidhe. Enter Nash - turns out his ability allows him to help Kaylee through the times when she feels a scream coming on. I actually liked the relationship development and the interaction between Kaylee and Nash - I really did and I can't really understand why there has to be a love triangle. At book 6 I see why Vincent did what she did but I'm not sure I like it. Some of my favorite characters were Emma, Kaylee's uncle Brendon, Harmony and Alec. I will admit - I didn't like Tod at all in the first books but he did eventually grow on me and by book 6 he earned it. I didn't really care for Sabine and after a few great books where Nash was lovely, supportive and caring - he transformed into something entirely different for the next books. Sophie was super annoying and in most cases, not really necessary.I am for sure looking forward to the last book in the series. Based on how book 6 wrapped up I will be curious to see how things progress and what Kaylee and the group do to get this wrapped up.