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Hollowed - Kelley York This was a quick read and the story kept me interested.Briar and her roommate are walking home one night and are attacked...by something unexpected - vampires. Briar ends up changed and also in the care of Oliver and Cole. There are a number of things that Briar is dealing with and they all seem to begin with the disappearance of her sister Ruby a number of years earlier. After thinking she is dead, she finds out that may not be the case. The story is interesting. It introduces the typical paranormal characters (vampires, shape shifters, and witches) but there is a slightly different view in that vampires are more human than not. The characters are well developed here - I got enough back story on Briar to be interested in her. Same with Oliver who has a tough time connecting with people but is always there when needed. I would have liked to hear more about Cole and his story but despite not having it, he was one of my favorites along with Daniel. There were some minor editing things throughout the book that caught my attention but nothing hugely distracting. Overall this was an interesting story that has a bit of mystery and a lot of action.