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Sarah's Surrender - Lynda Chance I'm not sure about this one...overall the story had some potential but I have to say, it didn't wow me.The main characters Sarah and John were just meh for me. John was such an angry, possessive guy that I found it hard to get on board with him. There were times where I found him to be offensive and I get that the author was trying to lean toward the dominant side and the fact that he had some tough things happen to him in the past but I just couldn't get behind his character. Sarah seemed to be somewhat of a pushover...again, I get she had a past but I find it hard to believe that she fell for John based on how their first few meetings went. Also, she initially had a purpose for going to John and after their relationship began, she didn't even really push John to consider her proposal. Of course, it all worked out in the end but I just don't buy it.I rated this "it was ok" because I didn't hate it but I need great characters and these two just didn't do anything for me.