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Fracture - Megan Miranda True rating on this would probably be 3.5 stars.This story is about Delaney Maxwell. Turns out she was crossing a frozen lake with her friend Decker and ended up falling in. Delaney ends up being underwater for 11 minutes and is dead when she is brought up and taken to the hospital. She is brought back and in a coma for 6 days and miraculously wakes up. I found Delaney as a character somewhat frustrating. I wanted to like her - I didn't not like her but there were times in the story where I was seriously questioning her ability to make decisions. I could feel her struggling with the fact that she was alive and what she was supposed to do with this new ability she had. I had a love/hate relationship with both Decker and Troy. There were times where I wanted to just shake them but they were both great characters in my opinion. The group of friends were another story (Janna, Tara, Justin, Kevin). The way they treated Delaney at the end was something else and while I understand the idea that someone would question how things ended, I can't believe that Decker would be ok with the way things went down between them all based on his feelings for Delaney. Overall, I really liked the premise of this book and am curious to see where the next one goes. It was a quick read and had a good story.