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The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson Overall I would give this a 4.5 out of 5 if I could. I really enjoyed the story and although there were some things I didn't love, there was quite a bit that I did.The story begins with Elisa preparing for her marriage to a man she has never met, King Alejandro. I wasn't sure what to expect of the event but the lead in puts the reader into Elisa's shoes and Carson does a great job of relaying all of Elisa's doubts. Once married, I saw glimpses of Alejandro that I liked and some that I didn't. There were also some things about Elisa that bothered me as well. Without giving away a lot of the story (I'm never one to provide a summary) I will say the plot of the story was very interesting. Elisa is rare as at her naming ceremony as a baby, God blessed her with the Godstone. This happens to one person every 100 years and means they are destined for greatness. Elisa doesn't necessarily believe this is true for her. She doubts herself and what her purpose is. As the story progresses, we find out there is a reason behind the marriage of Elisa and Alejandro. Before things get too far down this path, something happens and Elisa is thrown into a whole other environment. Elisa's character actually changes based on this event and in my opinion becomes a better, stronger version of who she was. She still sometimes has doubts about herself and what she should be doing but not only does she have a physical transformation, but her personality shifts a bit as well. One thing that bothered me in this book was the weird reaction and interaction that Elisa had with food. It felt odd to me.I will say this book follows the idea that no one is safe. I actually am very curious as to how the next book will progress and again, I refuse to give anything away here but don't get attached to anyone...you just don't have any guarantee of who will make it through. I wasn't expecting some of the things that happened to happen and that's what kept me turning the pages. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a day because I just had to find out what happened next.Carson does a great job of creating and describing the different tribes and populations. As a reader it was easy to see the segmentation and differences between the various regions as well as feel the conflict between them. I think anyone who likes fantasy will enjoy this book.