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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Yes - this one is a true 5 star for me. I loved everything about this book and couldn't stop reading it once I picked it up. The characters in this book did it for me...I know, I know - that's not unusual but trust me when I say I have a love/hate relationship with some of them. Love = Jase, Sam, Tim (Yes - he comes through in the end), and George..Ok really I love the entire Garrett family. HATE = Nan and Clay. No spoilers on why but I had really strong reactions to both of these characters. Sam is the rich blond and Jase is one of those Garrett's. Their interactions are wonderful and the first time they meet is perfect. I loved how all the time that Sam was watching his family, he was watching her. He has the best lines in the story and you will most likely find them on my favorite quotes list. I recommend this book to just about anyone. It is a good story about life, love and friendship. There is even a "holy crap, no way" moment - seriously...it happened and I said it. Just go read and swoon with the rest of us.