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Howl (Kane Wolves, #1) - Annalise Grey This was a quick read and overall I thought this was an interesting story.I think that the length of the story made it tough to really get invested in the characters. That isn't to say I didn't care for them, I think I just wanted more. The relationship between Jaime and Sophie was nice but I felt like other than the fact that she liked how he smelled and the fact that there was an electricity when they touched, there wasn't much else as a draw. We did get little glimpses into their character (Jaime talking about his friend or a bit about his family) but not enough. I did get a sense of how separate the Matthews family was and felt from humans. It came across very clear. I was curious to learn more about their background as it is clear their lineage plays a big part in any continuation of this story line. The way the book ended did capture my interest and would push me to rate this a 2.5 as I am interested to see how Sophie adjusts to her new role and also what was in the letter.