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The Curse Girl - Kate Avery Ellison This was an interesting take on Beauty and the Beast. There were some elements of the story I enjoyed and others I wish had more detail. The characters were interesting but with the story being so short, we weren't given a lot of background/insight into who they really were. I also wish we would have gotten more information surrounding Bee's relationship with her father. It was mentioned that she felt her father wasn't really her father but that was it. I would have liked to understand the reasoning behind that as well as why her mother left. I would have also liked to know more about Robert and Marian since their relationship was integral to the story.Overall, the story was good. I liked that the mirror was a passageway into the Fae Lands. It added a twist to the standard Beauty and the Beast story. I also enjoyed the origami magic and am glad Bee finally put the pieces together on how to get out. Overall it was a cute story and a quick read.