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What a Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn I grabbed this book after seeing a quote from the author in my twitter feed and found myself loving the cover. It fits Sebastian perfectly. The fact that he wears Vans, has an eyebrow ring, plays guitar and makes a Dawson's Creek reference all within the first chapter had me hooked. Sebastian comes off as a cocky 17 year old guy and at first I wondered if I would truly like him but I did. Once I got past all the player crap he pulled it was apparent he truly cared for his mother and his group of friends. He was just an idiot sometimes (but really, who can say at 17 they never did something stupid?). He also called himself out on things - I love how he makes fun of himself for continuing to use the term "BFF". It was nice to see the relationships in the book. Not only the one between Sebastian and Aspen. I love the interactions between all of the friends (Jaden, Pris, Aspen, and Sebastian). I also enjoyed reading it from Sebastian's perspective. It isn't often that I get to read a story told from the boy's point of view and I think it was done well.The other piece to the book I enjoyed was the conversations Sebastian had with his mom. They were very honest with each other and I'm glad she was forthcoming enough to acknowledge and discuss how her past relationships had an impact on how Sebastian looked at relationships.Very cute and quick read. It would be interesting to learn about Pris and Jayden's story (based on the ending) as it was clear something was going on. Since this was Sebastian's story I get why it wasn't there but it would be interesting to get the back story. True rating would be 3.5 if GR would allow.