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Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood How am I going to wait for the next book.... I loved this story.All of the characters were well written (the good and the bad). The author made me feel the conflict within Cate.....does she protect her sisters or be with the man she loves..such a hard decision. I have no words for Finn, I love him as a character. Protective, smart, handsome....just love him. I am sad Cate wasn't given the opportunity to talk to Finn when she left and we also didn't get to see how Paul reacts (outside of a jaw clench). I am seriously waiting anxiously to see where the next book picks up and how the story progresses..I have so many questions yet to be answered (Where is Zara, what about the prophecy, how can she stand to leave Finn...Ahhh).Read this book...really, go do it now.