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Fever - Lauren DeStefano I may have to stop reading books that are part of a series that isn't complete. If you don't like ginormous cliffhangers, wait to read this.I felt like the story didn't make a ton of progress in this book. Yes, Rhine and Gabriel get away but end up trading one prison for another (initially). The relationship between Gabriel and Rhine doesn't really go anywhere and in the end, I have a lot of questions of what happened to him after Rhine left with Vaughn. He was such an integral piece throughout the rest of the book that I feel a bit cheated. With that said, the book is from Rhine's perspective so I get it - she doesn't know either. I'm glad that Linden was brought back into the story and it is clear that the relationship that he and Rhine had before she left is gone. He still cares for her but is clearly angry and hurt. I won't even mention the major cliffhanger that the book wraps with. I felt like it was very abrupt and I hate not having any resolution because truly, there wasn't an end to any one of the pieces to this story. I continue to enjoy the story but will be waiting impatiently for the next book of the series.