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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand I enjoyed this book. There is sadness and that is a catalyst to us learning more about Clara and where she comes from. I am glad we got to dive into more of who she is and her father as we didn't find out much about him in the first book. This book makes up for that.I love the part where Clara has an inner monologue going about love triangles and how unbelievable they usually are...yet here she finds herself in one. I won't say a lot here about the Tucker/Clara/Christian situation but hope the next book goes into more Christian. Just saying.There are definitely some things that are unresolved here - need more about Jeffery and what is going on with him, I look forward to some more Christian/Clara interaction and I am also curious to see what Angela's purpose becomes...It was alluded to in this book but very minor snippets.