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Insatiable - Meg Cabot I liked the story but for some reason, some of the characters irritated me...they were mostly the supporting characters thankfully.Overall the story was good and the vampire war that is brewing at the beginning of the story is what carries through the whole book. Characters - The brother (Jon) was super annoying. He just seemed completely clueless and really only concerned about himself. At times he acted like the caring big brother but those times seemed out of character based on how he was throughout the rest of the story.Meena - I liked the character through most of the book. Toward the end of the story I started to be annoyed with her but it was a brief section and I am interested to see how she uses her power to help others and how it might impact her relationship/interactions with Lucien.Lucien and Alaric - the way they were described...who wouldn't want to be around these guys...and to have them both in love with the same girl (knew this was coming) will create an interesting dynamic going forward in the next book as we didn't see a lot of the 3 (Meena, Alaric, & Lucien) of them interacting. I am interested to see how Lucien will react when he realizes Meena is working with Alaric who has now realized he loves her.