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Betrayal (The Descendants, #1)

Betrayal  - Mayandree Michel This book had a lot of promise but I hit a wall with this one...for a number of reasons.First, an editor is needed. I'm not one who usually focuses so much on this if there is a good story. In this case, there were too many issues - spelling, tense consistency, word choice. Bottom line, if you can say something in 10 words, do it in 10....not 20. Second, I found myself skimming over all of the descriptions of everyone's clothes, how the gardens look and really just everything. It is no wonder why this book is listed as 600 pages long....Finally, the characters. I found Cordelia to be just annoying and although there seemed to be promise in Nikolas and Evan, I found the everything else annoying just seemed to distract me. As I mentioned, at first I thought this would be a good one. A story about the gods and their descendants. Throw in some vampires and werewolves...sold. Alas, this did not pan out and I am calling it quits.