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Shattered Dark, The (Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shattered Dark - Sandy Williams I feel like my heart has been ripped out, stomped on and handed back to me after finishing this book. With that said, solid 4.5 stars to this one as it continues to keep me turning the pages and wondering what the heck else is going to happen.This book (similar to the first in the series) is pretty much non-stop action. I kept thinking that MacKenzie needs a break...something to at least heal from all of the damage she has put her body through over the last months. Although Aren healing her doesn't seem to be a bad thing so maybe she doesn't need it. This book picks up essentially where the last one left off. The rebels have taken over the throne and are trying to put Lena in as Queen. Unfortunately, those that previously supported Atroth are now fighting against her taking the throne (remnants). I really am enjoying this series and am glad I came across it - I'm still not sure what the sword has to do on this cover or the first book as MacKenzie freely admits she can't fight against the fae and hasn't ever really tried to do so with anything other than a dagger....Other than that and the fact that this second book has set me up for some heartache (both for the way this one ended as well as the fact that I don't even see book 3 listed here on Goodreads), I recommend this to anyone who likes a lot of action, some hunky fae guys, and a solid main character.