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Pushing the Limits - 5 lovely stars for this one.This book hooked me from the beginning. Not only was I continually wondering what happened to Echo but the things she has had to face over the last 2 years just made my heart ache. On top of that...Noah. He has also faced some challenges in his life and you just know he is a good guy who has been dealt a crappy hand.On top of these two characters, there are a number of others that really kept me turning the pages. Echo's group of friends (with the exception of Lila) were ridiculous - I wanted to punch Grace...seriously. I loved the relationship between Noah, Issac and Beth...they truly did look at each other as family and it was what they all needed. Noah...He was the right mix of everything. He had attitude and tattoos but he was also this caring and sensitive guy. He truly loved his brothers and wanted to do what he promised which was take care of them. I am happy things ended up the way they did (no spoilers here).Aside from the characters there is an actual story here. On top of finding out about the past, this is about a developing relationship as well as figuring out how to get past the bumps and bruises life gives everyone. Some get more thrown at them than others (as is the case for both Echo and Noah) but this story is about how they handle things and keep living life. I didn't want this story to end and recommend this to anyone.